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How much money can an Event Planner save you?

"Let's remove that popular misconception about Event Planners. They do not add to your budget!"

In fact, having an Event Planner can significantly reduce your spend.

Distinct events had a challenging task earlier on in the year to transform a village hall for a 40th Birthday Party.

Upon my initial visit I knew it wasn't going to be an easy task. With no budget provided in the brief, I started big. I bought in the best of the best to get the job done. These suppliers put on parties for Richard Branson's children. The result... £15,000!

Its more common than you think for clients not to have an initial budget in mind for their events. However, once clients are presented with options and pricing, you get a general idea of how much they are willing to spend and which direction they wish to take.

Generally speaking, clients end up scaling back but on this occasion I was told, "I would still like all of that but at half the cost".

There was my challenge and I happily accepted.

As a result, the village hall had been successfully transformed within budget and the client was very happy.

Anything is possible! 

Village Hall Glamour - Click here to view more images of this transformation.

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